Rich media and mobile tools for studio-workshop Learning and Teaching

Many of the DIAL projects to date have identified a clear need for having the right equipment for the job? DIAL have been helping to identify these new tools and processes but DIAL cannot provide all this equipment to everyone, this has be a problem that is solved by UAL, locally and sustainably, can UAL support this ?

“If I want to engage students with online environments it is embarrassing not to have the necessary equipment” (This is a typical example of staff response to the problem of staff using, creating or engaging with online environments and rich media content)

Everywhere I look students seem to be engaging with mobile devices and laptops (This is a great blog which reinforces this point), well those students luckily enough to own one. I see very few members of staff with laptops and those that do have useful mobile tech are either engaged in digital projects or senior staff so can easily have this equipment bought for them. Many staff have to use their own personal equipment, laptops for work, why? This is not right, if a member of staff needs a laptop for studio/workshop leaning and teaching in order to deliver a more progressive experience for the students then UAL should supply this equipment.

DIAL would like to explore the relevance and use of UAL digital equipment available for staff, specifically the windows PC desktops, are these isolated office PCs capable or useful for studio/workshop based digital progressive practice. Most staff have access to an office PC but are they useful in terms of supporting or encouraging experimentation in the ‘complicated’ processes of creating and editing rich media files. And can staff easily engage with rich media websites like process.arts (uploading and viewing video etc.) and all other progressive rich media platforms for learning and teaching practice.

Staff may not be concerned with this issue at the moment but as DIAL and UAL continue to identify a growing need for this how are we going to address or prepare the ground for improvement?

I do most of my work using my more than capable Mac laptop (I can edit rich media, view all websites, download plugins where necessary, add applications etc.), the office PC rich media experience is one I avoid, hopefully with the new desktop strategy this will improve the experience (but for everyone and everything no, many don’t know what they need yet? See this example), there is an endless field of issues that DIAL will try and address in terms of rich media use in L & T, but its a long untraveled road and that’s our (UALs) challange.

Through DIAL I would like to explore the benefits, challenges, limitations staff and students encounter using these new tools that we are offering.

What are the staff experiences of using office PCs for rich media practice, is there an issue of  use of mobile equipment in studios and are staff using their own devices?

The office PC may be unsuitable on a few levels for many teaching staff therefore DIAL would like to address this problem with those staff on the ground and in in the studios. Interested? – Call for expressions of interest for DIAL small projects, support & case studies

Also see this post from CSM –

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