Delivery of technical resource information online

One pressing issue that keeps coming up in various meetings is the delivery of technical resource information at course and college level and how this integrates with the new VLE development.

There are various initiatives that have been having to work around the current VLE Blackboard short comings and it would be helpful and timely to start a conversation between the UAL technical teams and CLTAD VLE development team in order to best discuss how to embed and accommodate technical information delivery for students and staff in the new VLE.

Some examples for reference below:

Questions we should be addressing:

  • Alot of the information on these sites are basic course delivery, key information sets e.g where, who, what and how, should these not be the basic requirements for the new VLE?
  • How do we learn from these local developments to inform others and the VLE development, how do they fit together?
  • How do the above sites fit into the new VLE (these bespoke info sites are providing ‘basic’ key course delivery information, shouldn’t the new VLE Moodle be able to deliver platforms and tools for key information as easily as demonstrated in the examples above?)
  • How do other colleges do this and develop their own (some colleges have resources and staff to develop and manage these resources others don’t, there’s a big divide forming across UAL)
  • How sustainable are these resources, who maintains, updates and develops the content, how are the hosted etc?

DIAL would like to address these issues and invite an open cross college conversation on, so please feel free to contribute on the official UAL baseline blog.

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