Agreeing an appropriate framework of digital competencies for UAL

This question came from a member of staff in terms of how UAL are agreeing an appropriate framework of digital competencies for UAL.

DIAL have explored digital competencies and we also did a quick survey with students – they can be seen on these blogs – (You can see there’s a split between those who want digital competencies assessed and those that dont)

UAL don’t really have clear guidance on digital competencies and its something DIAL has highlighted.

The DIAL project is looking at the notion of digital competencies in a more experimental way, through small projects we are trying to map the needs and digital competencies that are less obvious e.g. Development and training may have a digital competencies list and training strategy for word, excel etc. DIAL is looking for the gaps of digital competencies that are not acknowledged by UAL, for example this project is looking at the digital competencies of representing your professional identity online,

DIAL are supporting and informing new UAL initiatives and working closely with departments to also understand and clarify the basic, formal and generic digital competencies, address staff key competencies required for integrating ‘digitally enhanced learning’ into everyday practice and to support CPD & PPD., please see –

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