Which UAL Online Services do you use?

Which University Online Services do you use?

This was one of the questions we asked in the DIAL Online Survey (http://tinyurl.com/dialsurvey) – and these are the answers we have received so far. Understandably, with the focus being on teaching and learning, the most used platform was identified as being the current Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Blackboard. The fact that use of this platform (78%) was not the same as the (almost) 100% who were aware of it is probably owing to the number of support and admin staff who responded to the survey (and who because of their roles for the most part do not use it). Lynda (online training) and MyBlog (blogs) are both used by almost half of the respondents – by 47% and 46% respectively. Process.arts is used by 19% of respondents and the new workflow.arts (ePortfolio site) by 15%. ‘Other’ services are used by 16% – popular platforms here are likely to include commonplace.arts and showtime.arts amongst others. Alto.arts is used by 8% of the respondents – this is also a new service and as a repository for hosting and sharing Open Education Resources its use is poised to grow significantly.

Interesting interim findings – and we are still interested in knowing more. If you have not done so already – and would like to – you can tell us more about your Digital World via the DIAL Online Survey.

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