Becoming digital report from 2010

This aim of this report is to outline a vision of a UAL that is digital by default[i].  It draws on 17 days of research and engagement in UAL, reviewing the wide range of interconnected activities and processes that are in some way affected by digital technologies. EB confirmed the crucial strategic importance of this area to the University but was unable to rate how UAL scores on a digital scale, on the basis that different areas within UAL are at different levels. I suggest that, in terms of its current position and taken as a whole, UAL is around the mid-point on a scale of 1-10. While there are many areas of good practice as well as much high quality innovation and development, change is constrained by business and management processes and structures which are out of step with current realities; by limited staff awareness of and engagement with the digital environment; by a technology base that is not geared to support innovation and change and above all by tensions between Colleges and Central Services over direction and ownership.

Download report hereDigital strategy Sept 2010 (2)

[i] From a paper approved by EB which that set a target for UAL that communication of all kinds and affecting all areas, including publications along with entry and recruitment processes, will be “Digital by default”.

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