What technologies do staff, students etc actually use?



    1. Piloting a blog service for University of the Arts London – including user feedback slides – http://prezi.com/1cu8dudhdta_/piloting-a-blog-service-for-university-of-the-arts-london-including-user-feedback-slides/


    1. Moving towards Moodle – http://dial.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2012/01/29/moving-towards-moodle/

Websites/web 2.0:

    1. See section 4d (Innovation, new ideas and approaches is this area have tended to emerge from grass roots activity (primarily technical staff), and by working collaboratively and in cross disciplinary contexts. Some example below ‘Un-funded grass roots activity web 2.0’:)

“Students and graduates would like a space to communicate together a social space similar to Facebook but not like LinkedIn, somewhere in-between. Graduates have a lot of information and sound advice they could easily and willingly communicate to current students given the right forum/platform…..Students would like more information and guidance in developing their own personal unique web environments, they like to use institutional and social tools but they would also like to be able to develop their own websites personal websites, they would like this integrated into the study as preparation for professional practice.” Feedback notes from Enterprise week workshop – http://dial.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2011/11/18/feedback-notes-from-enterprise-week-session-%E2%80%98sharing-knowledge-improve-and-develop-professional-identities%E2%80%99/

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