What does the institution/project say are its priorities?

What does the institution/project say are its priorities? How is Digital Literacy defined ( if at all ) and what other terms/language are used? What is being invested?

e-learning strategy group (details to follow)

Desktop Strategy – Consultation phase:  To provide a versatile desktop environment that meets the diverse needs of students and staff while ensuring ethical and financial sustainability through the application of best practice IT guidelines and standards and fit for purpose management practices.  This Strategy will enable Colleges to pursue independent visions for desktop provision but deliver the benefits of centralised management and support to appropriate and agreed levels.

  • Strategic Aims In supporting Aim 4 of the Information Strategy 2010/11-2014/15, this strategy has three aims to deliver:
  • Aim 1: Provide versatile desktop environments that deliver a positive experience for users.
  • Aim 2: Ensure that desktop environments are manageable in order to promote consistency, usability and ease of support.
  • Aim 3: Implement the desktop environments that are ethically and financially sustainable.

ECCA – provides support to UAL students and graduates around setting up a business or working for yourself

Creative Careers – provides careers advice and information for UAL students and graduates

Artquest – Provides critical engagement and practical support to visual artists and craftspeople

Own-it – Intellectual property advice for the creative sector

ArtsTemps – UAL’s in-house temping agency

Creative Living – online guidance for creative people

Creative Choices – essential kit for your career

Creative Opportunities – job vacancy and work placement website for UAL students and graduates

Prospects – the UK’s official graduate employment site

Business Link – a comprehensive resource centre on all self-employment matters

HMRC – register your practice or business, or seek advice on tax-related matters

A request for your investment ideashttp://blogs.arts.ac.uk/rector/2012/01/23/a-request-for-your-investment-ideas/

Student employability and enterprise in the spotlight – http://blogs.arts.ac.uk/rector/2011/11/09/student-employability-and-enterprise-in-the-spotlight/

New Student Enterprise & Employability Service (SEE) Working closely with colleagues in the individual Colleges, the SEE team aims to equip students and graduates with the skills to develop their practice, products, knowledge and intellectual capital through tailored advice and support. The new service will bring together the work of Creative Careers, the Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts (ECCA), Artquest, Own-it and ArtsTemps, and will be coordinated to focus more closely on the specific needs of University of the Arts London students and emerging graduates. During this transition period, we aim to maintain a good level of support.

 Communities of Practice funding to build networks:

The Medium Term Strategy 2010-15 identifies the development of communities of practice in one of its aims:  To increase our institutional impact by encouraging and supporting the development of communities of practice, fostering a culture of inclusivity both across the university and within the creative sector. In developing the strategy it was noted that innovation, new ideas and approaches have tended to emerge from grass roots activity, and by working collaboratively and in cross disciplinary contexts. http://dial.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2012/01/30/communities-of-practice-funding-to-build-networks/

Academic planning sub committee: Flexible Learning at UAL – initial thoughts document (waiting for link to file)

UAL Research Online is the online showcase of the research produced at University of the Arts London. We hold, manage, share and preserve the research material produced by the University’s researchers, and ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience. Items in the collection are globally available and free to view and download by anyone connected to the Internet. Built by the JISC-funded Kultur project, and launched in February 2010, UAL Research Online is the first repository specifically designed for research in creative arts design and media. It currently contains journal articles, monographs, book chapters, conference papers, conference proceedings, exhibitions, video, audio, images, websites, and selected post-graduate theses. It is also able to manage software, datasets, workshop presentations, and patents. It does not hold student work, with the exception of approved PhD theses. UAL’s teaching and learning materials can be found at Jorum Open, the UK-wide repository of free online educational resources.

Database of thousands of Arts London Images, provided by the Department of Communication and External Affairs. You can request a login and then request images to use and download. https://images.arts.ac.uk/asset-bank/action/viewHome

Workflow http://workflow.arts.ac.uk is a highly flexible e-portfolio system which allows users to store their media files in the cloud, and design and publish web pages with full control over sharing options. It was introduced at UAL to support personal development and learner-centric learning and teaching. To date it has been used for the presentation of graphic design work for assessment, as a vehicle for personal development for painting students, and as a tool for tutors to aggregate web-based content (blog feeds, videos, photo galleries, etc.) on custom designed pages for course work. CLTAD are actively developing the tool, adding new features to allow greater personalisation of content, and supporting its use through workshops and one-to-one training.

The Introduction to Study in Higher Education (ISHE) staff website was created to support the delivery of ISHE and the first year curriculum, see website here – http://www.arts.ac.uk/induction/  – lots of great project briefs, ice breaker activities, tips, checklists and case studies that will be useful when planning for inductions and new students.

What other sources of support do staff and students have for their digital literacy development e.g. online diagnoses/resources, peer support, mentors, personal tutors…?

  1. My CPD http://my.arts.ac.uk/mycpd/ launched last year or more as a pilot, it is unknown how this site is being used or if the pilot is ongoing (data requested)  – My CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an online tool which you can use to access and record development activities, share knowledge and expertise, and interact with colleagues.
  2. Lean IT offer 1 to 1 surgeries (no information or evidence of this could be found)
  3. The QAA Institutional Audithttp://intranet.arts.ac.uk/quality/aa/qaaaudit.php

What would progress look like from start-up to end-point? Is it realistic to expect progress in some of these over just two years?

  • Senior Management support and buy in
  • Course leaders support and buy in
  • Improve professional identity, surface common interest.
  • Visible change and improvement in staff DL skills in flexible learning (Web 2.0 tools/communication)
  • Impact and change at course level, course changes
  • More flexible approaches to staff development CPD and PPD
  • More flexible approaches developed and integrated at course level
  • Improved communication, awareness and debate regarding UAL DLs
  • Improved support procedures and increased confidence of student individuals who wish to develop a professional online presence 
  • UAL clarification of issues regarding impacts and/or benefits of implementing or not DL standardisation procedures and policies for staff and students
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