What co-curricular experiences build real-world digital capability and fluency?

What co-curricular experiences build real-world digital capability and fluency? e.g. non-compulsory modules, graduate awards, portflolio/CV building etc

    1. UAL Teaching Awards 2012 – http://www.arts.ac.uk/cltad/ualteachingawards2012/
    2. creative enterprise awards 2011 – http://see.arts.ac.uk/events/entweek/enterpriseweek2011/creativeenterpriseawards2011/
    3. See section 4d (Innovation, new ideas and approaches is this area have tended to emerge from grass roots activity (primarily technical staff), and by working collaboratively and in cross disciplinary contexts. Some example below ‘Un-funded grass roots activity web 2.0’:)
    1. Workflow (http://workflow.arts.ac.uk) is a highly flexible e-portfolio system which allows users to store their media files in the cloud, and design and publish web pages with full control over sharing options. It was introduced at UAL to support personal development and learner-centric learning and teaching. To date it has been used for the presentation of graphic design work for assessment, as a vehicle for personal development for painting students, and as a tool for tutors to aggregate web-based content (blog feeds, videos, photo galleries, etc.) on custom designed pages for course work. CLTAD are actively developing the tool, adding new features to allow greater personalisation of content, and supporting its use through workshops and one-to-one training.
    2. http://process.arts.ac.uk/ – process.arts.ac.uk, an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of arts staff, students, alumni and practitioners.

Of course the picture will inevitably be very different in different departments and courses, so the challenge will be saying anything useful. The temptation will be to describe ‘best practice’ but we need some indication of the scope and extent of that best practice, and what ‘standard practice’ really looks like.

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