The Information Strategy Steering Group

What institutional initiatives exist, including externally funded ones and including the project itself? What are the aims, objectives, and resources?

The Information Strategy Steering Group

The Information Strategy Steering Group was created in June 2011. As part of its remit:

‘The Steering Group provides the forum in which mutual understanding of and support for current and potential Information Strategy projects is secured, and where issues or potential problems of duplication or integration are identified and addressed. It will prioritise the portfolio of projects put forward each year by Central Services and the Colleges to ensure that investment opportunities are maximised for the benefit of the University.’

In undertaking this role, one of the stated functions of the Information Strategy Steering Group is:

‘To assess proposals for new projects to ensure they are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Information Strategy and that they deliver maximum benefit to the University in support of academic excellence and business success.  This will include prioritising the portfolio of projects that should go forward each year.’ 

Information Strategy Projects:

Review of Current/Completing Projects and Proposals for New Projects


A recent review of IT-led projects review has been carried out as a ‘light touch’ and voluntary exercise, seeking primarily to capture institutional learning on project management. Status reports were received for nine current projects and six completing projects. These were:

ALTO (UK) – open educational resources Smartcard/Access Control
ALTO (UAL) – open educational resources CMS/Portal
DIAL – digital literacy – Library Resource Discovery – e-Library
EPortfolios – Kings Cross Library
Online Marking/Assessment Tool Library RFID
VLE Review – Future-learning-technology – online training videos for IT
CALMView – archival management system eNova – research profiles
Research Management System
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