Grassroots development

What opportunities do services have to develop their own digital literacies (could include admin and estates staff as well as the obviously student-facing services).

  1. Innovation, new ideas and approaches is this area have tended to emerge from grass roots activity (primarily technical staff), and by working collaboratively and in cross disciplinary contexts. Some example below ‘Un-funded grass roots activity web 2.0’:

Un-funded grass roots activity web 2.0

an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of arts staff, students, alumni and practitioners.

Process.arts, a grass roots web2.0 open educational environment for sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of staff and students, currently provides a new ‘open learning’ space to the University of the Arts London (UAL) that straddles the institution/educational (formal learning) environment and the social (informal learning) environment.  It creates an ‘experimental’ space for open educational practitioners to develop and define a new language for open edu-social practice without conforming or being influenced by pre-existing academic structures and processes.   The transition of process.arts into an official UAL service will test this model and raise questions as to how institutions successfully support and develop autonomous and independent grassroots innovation without homogenising innovation.
Learning Technology Support is an integral part of the London College of Fashion in that it offers support and solutions to staff and students for the following services:Computer Open Access rooms for staff and students using computers and reprographicsWorkshops for staff and students on all the software used within the LondonCollege of Fashion.Advice and expertise in graphics, office and video softwareTechnology support for teaching rooms, lecture theatres, RHS

Learning environment design and development

Management of desktop printers and PC technology

Reprographics, including photocopying, printing, binding

Production of video and on-line content

Loan of laptops and AV equipment for staff

The Kit Room Video Cast on iTunes

London College of Communication tutorials and updates on film making software and equipment. Videos feature FCP editing, shooting tips and equipment run throughs.
MA Visual Arts: Digital Art; 2011-12
This space is for any interesting exhibitions, events, lectures, workshops, news – anything that you think all the other students would like to know about.You can edit this page and add text, images, maps etc.
The Practice Exchange is a year long series of seminars exploring practice-led art and design research across UAL and beyond. It was set up in 2010 by Marsha Bradfield, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre and Scott Schwager.
Work based & work related learning within Higher Education – FdA Graphic Design. Camberwell – Two years shaped by regular consultation with key industry figures. Practitioner led workshops, internships, live projects, studio visits and collaborative primary research ensure our students graduate with up to the minute knowledge of the communication design industry now.
PGDip DVC blog –
Foundation 3D wiki– This information was designed for CCW Foundation students and others who may not have any experiece working in 3D- (although you will all know more than you think).Some of the information may seem obvious, but the site will try to give you advice and hints on various topics; gathering a basic toolkit, working with a range of materials for the first time, and negotiating a complex job with technical staff.
Other sites will be listed here:

What other sources of support do staff and students have for their digital literacy development e.g. online diagnoses/resources, peer support, mentors, personal tutors…?

  1. My CPD launched last year or more as a pilot, it is unknown how this site is being used or if the pilot is ongoing (data requested)  – My CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an online tool which you can use to access and record development activities, share knowledge and expertise, and interact with colleagues.
  2. Lean IT offer 1 to 1 surgeries (no information or evidence of this could be found)
  3. The QAA Institutional Audit

Theatre and Screen Metalwork – Steve Wood – WCA

Making a Difference:

The ‘Making a Difference’ funding scheme enabled staff to undertake small scale projects (up to £3000) to enhance teaching and learning.

Think 3D – Advance Digital Technology (Renaissance) in ISD Design Education Emergence technology in Spatial Design Report (pdf) –

Pedagogic Research Funding –

Blogs, reflective practice and autonomous learning in Graphic Design Communication (Short Paper) (pdf)-

by Pete Maloney. Paper presented at ‘Designs on E-learning 2007’ ALT -C2007: Learning Technology for the social networking generations –

I’ve been looking through and enjoying the the Visual Directions: Sketchbooks & Reflective Writing videos on iTunes ( ) Theresa Finnigan; Diana Aronstam

PPD This is a personal and professional development tool developed by Alison James 2009-10 and available at

Tony Quinn: at CSM – Group blogs to support student collaboration on BA Ceramic Design

Muz Mehmet and Ray Barker: Video guides for workshops


What are the ToR of other services with a remit to support digital infrastructure (IT, estates)? How well are these coordinated?

Unknown at present

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