Digital vision & future

What would progress look like from start-up to end-point? Is it realistic to expect progress in some of these over just two years? DIAL perspectives are:

  • Senior Management support and buy in
  • UAL digital programme & strategy
  • Course leaders support and buy in
  • Improve professional identity, surface common interest.
  • Visible change and improvement in staff DL skills in flexible learning (Web 2.0 tools/communication)
  • Impact and change at course level, course changes
  • More flexible approaches to staff development CPD and PPD
  • More flexible approaches developed and integrated at course level
  • Improved communication, awareness and debate regarding UAL DLs
  • Improved support procedures and increased confidence of student individuals who wish to develop a professional online presence 
  • UAL clarification of issues regarding impacts and/or benefits of implementing or not DL standardisation procedures and policies for staff and students
  • Open online collaboration
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